Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese horoscope is known with the name of Sheng Xiao as well, and it has a calendar that is completely different of the western calendar. In the Chinese horoscope exists a cycle of twelve years represented by 12 animals, they are: the rat, ox, tiger, dragon, horse, rabbit, snake, monkey, sheep, dog, rooster and the pig.Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese calendar has a New Year on different dates and mostly is between late January and late February, so if you born January of February the convenient animal for you is the one of the year before, example: The rat years is 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008. And if you were born January 1984, you must check the animal of the year before, it is “the pig”, because according to the Chinese calendar 1984 begins in late January or February.

In ancient ages it was just used by the oriental people but today everyone around the world can enjoy of its predictions, and a difference of the western horoscope that is based in the month and day of your birthday, the Chinese horoscope is based in the year of the birth of each person. You will feel how your birth year has an enormous influence on your character, fortune, personality, weakness, strength, etc. Some description of each Chinese sign is:

•          Rat; is charming and imaginative.

•          Ox; is loyal, reliable and strong.

•          Tiger; is sensitive and emotional.

•          Rabbit; is modest and affectionate.

•          Dragon; is imaginative and lovely.

•          Snake; is elegant, romantic, thinker and organized.

•          Horse; is loyal and independent.

•          Sheep; is sensitive and self-control.

•          Monkey; is versatile and imaginative.

•          Rooster; is energetic, loyal and flexible.

•          Dog; is sociable and smart.

•          Boar; is sincere, kind and optimistic.