Compatibilities For Virgo

The affinity and the combination of planets are the key in astrology when it comes to talk about the compatibility between the personalities and basic natures of each of the signs. If we want to be able to understand better the predictions for Virgo daily horoscope, this is an aspect that we need to take into account. And, here, we will see how Virgo gets on with each of the signs:



It will be stupid to expect a quiet marriage between these two. Both are capable to deal with so many interesting things with the common point of their ideals. It is an amazing and unique union but very wonderful.


Both belong to the element Earth and it is because if this that this union can fail. The important thing will be to maintain and feed the love that joined them at the beginning. Home with abundance of children.


From this union, there comes a lot of pros. Each of them as its unique way of thinking and, as they are different, the possibility of misunderstandings is always present.


This union shares a world full of dreams even that they can sometimes argue. They will just argue to look again at their face and to find themselves back every time.


The north of this couple is time and distance. Trying to get to the limits will only make things worse. One will find in the other the complement that it does not have.


The main issue of this union is paying special attention to the fact if it is true love or if it is only a simple enchantment that is born because of similar characters.


The tops are never too high so not to try to climb them for these two signs. This duet needs action, renovation and new situations that offer them new things to progress.


It is sure that one will dominate. The intelligence in this relation is hidden in making the other believe its dominance even when it is not really like this.



For as much as we try it and we look for a way in which these two can be together, it does not appear.



The affinity of this couple is so natural that could end up in a very nice couple. It is a firm couple, where friendship and respect will reign.


One of them will love the other so much that will balance the relation. Even that this duet does not see things from the same perspective, both will try to do whatever it is necessary to achieve coexistence without risk.


It is a union that is almost impossible. While one is very practical and with feet on Earth, the other gets lost in abstraction and dreams. The key will be to make more important the mind rather than the impulses of the heart.