Green Quartz And Its Meaning

The crystals of quartz are recognized to be one of the most used elements to eliminate the bad energies and to attract fortune. At the same time, they are used to stimulate the recovery of the body and achieve the mental balance. But now, and as in the quartz is available in many different colors, it is necessary to mention that each of them can be used for a given case.

The Green Quartz

Here, we will talk about the green quartz and its meaning.

The Green Quartz

To start with it, you need to take into account that because of culture, the green color is related to peace and quietness. At the same time, it is a color that makes us closer to what is natural and it is because of this that this green quartz is associated with the union or with bringing closer the positive and it eliminates what is negative; it brings peace and it helps to fight illness.

Besides all this, there are also other aspects that you need to know about the green quartz:

–          In the Indian culture, this crystal is related with the chakra of the heart. At the same time, it is related with love and, concerning curation, it clearly stimulates the cure of the muscles as the heart.

–          Now, as an amulet, this quartz is really appreciated because of their properties to bring peace and quietness. At the same time, it attracts the positive and it helps with fertility.

–          Additionally, it can also be used as necklaces or as a decoration at home and, with it, we will be able to attract abundance, prosperity, good luck and also hope.

Finally, the green quartz can also be carried in a pocket and, with it, you will be able to achieve the balance of mind and stimulate good